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Matt Carmody is originally from Kensington, MD, a suburb of Washington DC. The youngest of five boys, Matt and his brothers all attended Montessori school in DC which he attributes as the reason they've all embarked on such diverse career paths. (Steven's a luthier, Michael owns a hauling business, Brendan is an ER doctor and Justin owns a Jewelry store).

Matt's first love was music and drawing. While in Maryland, he studied art in college and even designed and sold his own t-shirts on the Eastern shore (and ran a carpet cleaning business) all the while dreaming of one day rocking the world with his amazing guitar riffs. Alas, rock stardom was not to be and Matt eventually decided to move to Los Angeles.

Upon arrival in Hollywood, he began studying acting at the famed Lost Studio whose alumni include Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer. Soon he was doing local theater and booking commercials.

His first big break came when he was cast as a series lead in the CBS pilot, "West Point, U.S.M.A." The show wasn't picked up but it wasn't long before Matt landed another series lead role playing "Adam Cartwright" in the prequel to the classic show, "Bonanza" called "The Ponderosa" for PAX. He spent a year in Australia shooting the series.

Matt continued to work in television, guest starring on NCIS, JAG, CSI: Miami and CSI:NY, Crossing Jordan and more. He also starred in many independent films including Ed I Hide, Carver, Dead Man's Bluff and The System.

Venturing into writing and directing, his indepent short film "Safe Room"  was nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Idyllwild Cinema Fest. Matt's screenplay "Fade To Black" won much acclaim on the film festival circuit winning Best Screenplay at the WFSA and Los Angeles Art House Film Festival.- mattcarmody.com © 2017

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