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Fairfax, VA (March 30, 2007) - Anticipation is building as Two for Flinching prepares to release its second horror film in as many years.

Based on a true story, Carver depicts the real life events of five 20-something's that went camping in the mountain town of Halcyon Ridge and never returned.

"I wanted to do something a little more fun in nature. It's not fun as in "horror-comedy". It's pretty dark however it's got a darkly humorous edge to it and we are all pretty excited about the film." said Franklin Guerrero Jr. who wrote and directed Carver.

Krystyn Green, one of the stars in the film which was shot in Virginia said of Carver, "I am so proud of this film, it is a great story and I just know it will be well-received by the fans."

Guerrero and Eric Williford are both principals at Two for Flinching Pictures, whose previous film "The 8th Plague" was honored with Best Picture honors at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival and for Best Cinematography at the Chicago Horror Film Festival.

CARVER stars (click on the names to view the profile on IMDB) Matt Carmody, Neil Kubath, Kristyn Green, Jonathan Rockett, Ursula Taherian, Luke Vitale, David G. Holland, Erik Fones, Natasha Malinsky. Written and directed by Franklin Guerrero Jr., Special Makeup EFX by Paul Goldblatt and produced by Eric Williford, Richard Finney, John Thompson.

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