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Man Jam centers on a group of friends who get together weekly to play music in order to escape their day-to-day, hum-drum lives. We follow the guys as they struggle with marriage, divorce, raising kids, work, growing up – and refusing to grow up. Bud, Marty, Vincent & Vargas are all on the verge of a mid-life crisis so it’s a good thing they have each other – and music – to get them through. Man Jam stars Drew Powell as Bud (“Gotham”, “The Mentalist”), Justin Wade as Vincent (“Hot in Cleveland”, “Franklin & Bash”), Matt Carmody as Marty (“NCIS”, “CSI: Miami”) and Joe Pascual as Vargas (“Lincoln Heights”). The series was created by Matt Carmody and co-written by Carmody and Boyd Vico (“The Soup”, “The Nerdist”). Matt also serves as executive producer along with Sandra McCurdy. Man Jam is produced by Westbrook Pictures and distributed through dotstudioPRO.


A short film written and directed by Matt Carmody.

"When a man decides to break into a jewelry store, things don't go as planned - and nothing is what it seems."

Starring Matt Carmody, Corryn Cummins, Drew Powell, Alfred Rubin Thompson, Mark Motyl, Sandra McCurdy and Johnnie Boyd


Matt Carmody was nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay. Corryn Cummins was nominated for Best Actress


Fade To Black
A Screenplay by Matt Carmody

An aspiring screenwriter’s life tailspins when he gets caught in a love triangle with a struggling actress
and the daughter of the most powerful producer in Hollywood.

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