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  • A Providential Occurence
    "It has truly been an amazing experience and I have to say the play's success is due in large part to the fact we had the talents of Matt Carmody on stage with us. I wish you could have all seen the job he did, and in fact, he actually stopped the show a couple times to applause at lines he spoke and actions he took.

    As a writer and producer you don't always get the cast you want, but in my case I have been truly blessed with having Matt continue with his character (and Matt - Seth Curry IS your character for as long as you want it to be) and giving so much of himself to this production." - Jodie Lewis (writer/Producer) A Providential Occurrence

  • Ed I Hide
    2 thumbs up to Ms Laine for writing not only an entertaining script, but also one that really makes the viewer think. Good job by the 2 lead actors, Coby McLaughin & Matt Carmody in bringing the 2 sides of the same card to life. 5 stars! Member Review Dovetail.tv

  • Carver
    Thought he (Mat
    t Carmody) was really great in this movie. All the other actors had a slight air of Ham about them apart from him. Hopefully he'll move onto bigger things. He has the charisma to do so. Good Luck to him. IMDB Message Board


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